2020 Presidential Candidate (D)

Humanity First | Universal Basic Income


2020 Presidential Candidate (D)

Humanity First | Universal Basic Income

Andrew's Story


Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur and author running for President as a Democrat in 2020. In 2011 he founded Venture for America, a national entrepreneurship fellowship, and spent the last 6 years creating jobs in cities like Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore, and Pittsburgh. When Andrew realized that new technology like artificial intelligence threatened to eliminate one-third of all American jobs, he knew he had to do something. In The War on Normal People (2018), he explains the mounting crisis and makes the case for implementing a universal basic income: $1,000 a month for every American adult, no strings attached.

Early Life


Andrew was born in upstate New York in 1975. His parents immigrated from Taiwan in the ‘60s and met while in grad school at Berkeley. His father was a researcher at IBM and General Electric, generating 69 patents over his career, and his mother was the systems administrator at a local university. Andrew and his brother grew up believing in the American dream—their parents immigrated for a better life, chased every opportunity America had to offer, and taught their sons to do the same. Andrew studied economics and political science at Brown University, then earned a JD at Columbia Law School.

Early Career

After five months as a corporate lawyer at Davis Polk, Andrew realized it wasn’t the path for him. He left the firm and founded an internet company that raised money for non-profits—like many of the first dot-com businesses, it didn’t last. When Andrew shut down his first company he was just 26 and still owed $100k in law school debt—but the experience gave him a taste for building things. He joined a wireless software company and then an early stage healthcare startup, where he learned how to build a business from more experienced entrepreneurs while working in a dozen hospitals.  

Exec Years

At 31, Andrew became CEO of a boutique education company. Under Andrew, the company expanded nationwide and internationally, and earned the highest ratings in the industry. Soon, Manhattan Prep became #1 in the country, leading to its acquisition by a publicly traded company in 2009. Andrew stayed on as President of the company until 2011. During these years, he also met his wife, Evelyn, and got married.


With Evelyn’s support, Andrew took his earnings from the sale of the company and committed himself to creating jobs in cities hit hard by the financial crisis. By that time he understood the power of entrepreneurship to generate economic growth, so he founded Venture for America, an organization that helps entrepreneurs create opportunities nationwide. In its first year, VFA trained 40 Fellows; by 2017, more than 500 VFA Fellows and alumni have launched dozens of companies and helped create over 2,500 jobs across the country. In recognition for his work with VFA, the Obama White House named Andrew a Champion of Change in 2012, and a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship in 2015.


As Andrew traveled around the country to dozens of cities with VFA, he saw firsthand that new job creation could no longer outpace the job loss that technological advances like automation have continued to bring. Four million jobs have been permanently lost to automation, one-third of American jobs are currently at risk, and no one working in politics today is willing to do what it takes to prepare America for the greatest technological and economic shift the country has ever seen.

Once Andrew understood the magnitude of this problem, he knew he had to act. Now the father of two young boys, Andrew’s campaign is working to create the kind of country all of our children deserve. Instead of the future we’re heading towards—one of scarcity, fear, and despair—Andrew’s platform is designed to create an America of opportunity, freedom, equality, and abundance. It all begins with a Universal Basic Income for all American adults, no strings attached.

Watch his campaign announcement and join him in the fight to put humanity first.

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