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We Can Win – My thoughts from Iowa

Friends, I arrived home from Iowa on Tuesday night and am reflecting on what we learned in an incredible week. The big takeaway – we can win this election.   There are two states that play key roles in determining presidential major-party nominees – Iowa and New Hampshire. No candidate has won without finishing in…

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Itinerary: Andrew Yang’s First Trip to Iowa

Friday, Aug 10 Des Moines 9:30 a.m. Event with RayGun T-Shirts: 505 E Grand Ave, Des Moines, IA 50309 RSVP here! Clear Lake 3:30 p.m. interviews 5:00 – 9:00 p.m. Iowa Wing Ding 460 N Shore Dr, Clear Lake, Iowa 50428 Tickets here! Saturday, Aug 11 Des Moines 12:00 p.m. State Fair 4:00 p.m. Des Moines Register…

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The New Capitalism

Thank you for the support!  I appreciate it a great deal. I was in Seattle last week talking to an awesome group of supporters. One person who worked at Amazon commented on how the warehouse workers wear sensors that beep at them any time they fall behind a certain pace. That’s a clear sign of…

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The Future of Journalism

It’s been a tremendous week.  I spoke at Stanford to a class on AI about the impact of AI on the labor market.  I also met with the leader of a think tank about the future who advocates for a form of Universal Basic Income based on assets (e.g., personal data) as well as a…

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Money, the Mind, and Democracy

I’ve been in San Francisco meeting with various leaders and entrepreneurs. We had our first sighting of a bumper sticker in SF which was a thrill. I’m speaking at a public event on Tuesday the 17th. I will be in Los Angeles on Friday — tell your friends in SoCal!       My book was featured on the front page of the…

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Home is where the opportunity is

This is an exciting time for the campaign. I appeared on Sam Harris’s podcast ‘Waking Up’ which led to hundreds of people donating and joining our campaign. Apparently everyone listens to Sam’s podcast. Sam is a voice of reason in a world that needs it and I appreciated the conversation a great deal. I was also included…

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People who can save the world

This past week I spoke at Google and also appeared on a YouTube show with 1.8 million followers — warning that this video will make you hungry. I also made trips to Los Angeles, Boston, and New Hampshire. In Los Angeles I met many amazing people including a very well-dressed baby — the first baby I’ve kissed as a presidential candidate.…

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Andrew Yang Live TV on MSNBC with Alex Witt

“59% of Americans cannot pay an unexpected $500 bill. There is a mindset of scarcity that has swept the country and the freedom dividend would reverse that. It will help people become more rational, optimistic, and abundant. I am a serial entrepreneur, worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and have created thousands of jobs and this…

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Give $1 to Put Humanity First

We’re on a mission to end poverty, bring healthcare to all, and remake the economy to put people first. Donate $1 today to show the political establishment that you’re ready for real change. Give One for Humanity.

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The Freedom Dividend and Faith

This past week was a fruitful one. I spoke at the Techonomy event in New York City as well as at a national gathering of Christian entrepreneurs upstate. Photo by Rebecca Greenfield for Techonomy Meeting with the Christian entrepreneurs was enlightening. I found that the themes of the campaign and their point of view are…

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