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People who can save the world

This past week I spoke at Google and also appeared on a YouTube show with 1.8 million followers — warning that this video will make you hungry. I also made trips to Los Angeles, Boston, and New Hampshire. In Los Angeles I met many amazing people including a very well-dressed baby — the first baby I’ve kissed as a presidential candidate.…

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Andrew Yang Live TV on MSNBC with Alex Witt

“59% of Americans cannot pay an unexpected $500 bill. There is a mindset of scarcity that has swept the country and the freedom dividend would reverse that. It will help people become more rational, optimistic, and abundant. I am a serial entrepreneur, worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs, and have created thousands of jobs and this…

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By on June 4th, 2018 in Press

Give $1 to Put Humanity First

We’re on a mission to end poverty, bring healthcare to all, and remake the economy to put people first. Donate $1 today to show the political establishment that you’re ready for real change. Give One for Humanity.

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The Freedom Dividend and Faith

This past week was a fruitful one. I spoke at the Techonomy event in New York City as well as at a national gathering of Christian entrepreneurs upstate. Photo by Rebecca Greenfield for Techonomy Meeting with the Christian entrepreneurs was enlightening. I found that the themes of the campaign and their point of view are…

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Collision in New Orleans

The past week was an exciting one for the campaign. The press coverage continues to grow. Yahoo had me visit to talk about the Freedom Dividend, the Huffington Post did a profile and the latest NowThis video was viewed almost half a million times. Also, Fox News posted an article which included me among the major Democratic contenders for the Presidency in 2020.…

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Andrew Yang Sits down with Yahoo Finance Live Show

Andrew Yang sat down with Yahoo Finance’s live afternoon show, Midday Movers to discuss his run for President of the United States.

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By on April 30th, 2018 in Press

CBS News TV Interview with Andrew Yang

Last week Andrew Yang had an interview with CBS News on a new segment they are hosting about labor automation. The piece was called, “Replacing Humans: The automation equation” See it here.

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By on April 30th, 2018 in Press

A Trip to New Hampshire

Zach, Andrew F., and I went to New Hampshire on Wednesday. We were invited by Ray Buckley, the Chair of the Democratic Party to meet with Democratic state legislators in Concord. I haven’t been to New Hampshire since I graduated from high school in 1992. (I went to a boarding school there, Phillips Exeter Academy, for…

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An Amazing New Hampshire Visit

THANK YOU, New Hampshire. New Hampshire showed why it votes first in the primaries embracing bold new solutions like Universal Basic Income. Yang and team met with Democratic legislators, party Chairman Buckley, many news outlets and many locals. America has a shortage of jobs. Many people are working extra hours for less. Big companies are…

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I’m giving $12,000 to someone in NH

Friends, Hello, and thank you for your support of my campaign! It means the world to me. This week I was on Bloomberg to talk about Universal Basic Income as a response to increasing automation: The reception was great.  More and more Americans are realizing every day that we need big new solutions that will actually improve…

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