Andrew’s Platform and NH Freedom Dividend is Explored on

“Yang said that technically “the pilot is just for one person, Jodie,” but “we ended up meeting the whole family, since Janelle filled out the nomination form, and their family story is so relatable. They are a perfect example of how $1,000 freedom dividend would help families across the country, and the entire family has…

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By on January 11th, 2019

A Trip Home

Thank you for your support! I hope that 2019 is off to a tremendous start for you and yours. We’re starting the year off with some excitement – we have a new campaign video!  It is called “A Campaign of Ideas.”  Please do check it out and share it as widely as possible.  Luke, the videographer, is now full-time…

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By on January 10th, 2019

Andrew Yang’s NH Freedom Dividend Covered on CNBC Make It

“”The economic numbers are the numbers, but the average American right now is dealing with a higher degree of financial instability than they’ve dealt with in generations. Most Americans know that they are not sharing in the wealth and progress of society and that things need to change,” Yang told writer Nick Thompson in September.” Read the…

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By on January 9th, 2019

NBC News 13 Covers Andrew’s Recent Trip to Schenectady

“He solves problems. That’s what he does best, and that’s what we need. That’s how we move forward – with knowledge. Not with hiding from knowledge.” See the full story here. (The video contains content missing from the written version.)

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By on January 7th, 2019

N.H. Family To Receive $1,000 A Month From Presidential Candidate Running On Universal Basic Income

“Longshot 2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang thinks all Americans 18 and over need a raise, so much so that he’s basing his entire campaign on Universal Basic Income, or the idea that the government should provide a set amount of money to help cover the basics. This year, Yang is testing his so-called Freedom Dividend…

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By on January 7th, 2019

Joe Rogan

Hello and thank you for your incredible support!  Thanks to you, we received hundreds of new donations for thousands of dollars in the final weeks of 2018 and set a new quarterly record for the campaign.  The team and I celebrated New Year’s Eve together in New York City with supporters from all over the country:…

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By on January 4th, 2019

December 31st

December 31st is a crucial reporting deadline for the campaign.  We want to report a growing number of supporters each period – right now we are close but not quite there. Please do make a contribution today and let the establishment know that this campaign has the people on its side.  Every bit helps – particularly if…

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By on December 28th, 2018

History is Opening the Door

Hello and Happy Holidays to you and yours!  I hope you are enjoying a wonderful time with your family and loved ones.  I am writing this on the way to Florida where I am visiting my in-laws with my family. Last Thursday, I spoke at the Progress Iowa event in Des Moines to 250 Democratic activists and…

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By on December 24th, 2018

Read TheHill’s Rundown of Presidential Contenders in 2020

“The 2020 presidential race is shaping up on the Democratic side to be one of the largest in history. With no clear frontrunner, dozens of candidates have expressed interest in campaigning for the chance to take on President Trump in the general election. It’s also possible Trump could get a primary challenger from a Republican, though he…

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By on December 23rd, 2018

BuzzFeed News Covers Andrew’s Freedom Dividend After Progress Iowa Event

“In his speech, Yang, an entrepreneur, blamed Donald Trump’s victory in 2016 squarely on the automation of manufacturing jobs. “When jobs disappear, people get angry, and blue turns to red,” he said. With his “friends in Silicon Valley” threatening millions more jobs, Yang said, the solutions were single-payer health care and something called the “Freedom…

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By on December 22nd, 2018