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Ensuring Voter Access for Our Democracy

Voting is a pillar of our democracy that has helped keep our government accountable for hundreds of years. As generations of activists fought and died to protect and expand the right to vote, we won ourselves a more inclusive and representative government. We all know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s marches in Washington D.C.…

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Regulating Technology Firms in the 21st Century

The advancement of technology in America has driven the advancement of humanity nationally and globally. But technology has also outpaced our government’s understanding of it, and regulations are falling short of protecting us from Big Tech companies that are prioritizing profits over our well-being. Today, we live in a hyper-connected environment, led by these tech…

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Restoring Democracy, Rebuilding Trust Only 17% of Americans approve of the way Congress is handling its job; fewer believe members of Congress are doing their jobs with high levels of honesty and ethical standards. The Environmental Protection Agency, Food & Drug Administration, and Veterans Administration all have approval ratings that are underwater. The net approval…

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Combating Gun Violence and Hate in America

Combating Gun Violence and Hate in America Gun violence is a scourge in this country. Nearly 40,000 Americans die every year to gun violence: 24,000 from suicide and 15,000 from homicide. After the tragedies in El Paso and Dayton, there have been 255 mass shootings in 2019 - more than days have passed in the…

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An Exciting Time in South Carolina

Thank you all for your continued support!  Without you, this campaign wouldn’t be here.  As it is, we are at #9 in the latest CNN rankings and climbing fast. :) I’m spending this last weekend before the debate in South Carolina, one of the early primary states.  We are at 3% here.  This is my…

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My Plan to Restore Democracy

I've been running for President for over a year now, and I've become even more convinced that moneyed interests have captured our democratic system.  Especially since the decision in Citizens United, the amount of money that it takes to run a campaign is ridiculous, and it ensures that the rich will have both an easier time…

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Pride Month

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Riots. In some ways, we as a country have made great strides in providing equal rights to LGBTQ+ individuals, highlighted by the decision in Obergefell in 2015. That Supreme Court decision had a tangible, positive impact on the lives of millions of Americans who were looking…

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I want to tell you a story

Hello all and thank you for your support!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend. It’s been a busy week in the press for our campaign.  In addition to the recent Politico profile and CNN putting me in its top 10, TIME did a profile on my campaign, and VICE News also did a…

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