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Behind the Yang2020 Merchandise Success

NEW YORK — The first MATH hats went on sale in March. Only 500 were available and they sold out in 22 minutes. The Yang campaign repeated the formula of offering limited quantities of merchandise. The strategy helped Yang raise a whopping $10 million in the third quarter, outpacing many in the Democratic field. Nearly one-quarter of…

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BREAKING: WaPo calls Andrew “total disrupter”

You’ve been a part of the Yang Gang so you know that we’re building something special here. But the media is starting to take notice too. On the front page of the Washington Post you’ll see a profile of Andrew describing him a “total disrupter” in the Democratic field. And they’ve taken notice of your work…

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Washington Post on the Trail with Andrew

Fred Raimey, a 42-year-old truck driver who records YouTube videos under the name "Fred the Felon," had come a long way to see Andrew Yang. He had discovered the presidential candidate on podcasts and shaken off his political cynicism. Yang, he explained, had "real solutions" — starting with his idea of providing a universal basic income of $12,000 annually…

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