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Our Plan To Win

This is Zach Graumann, Andrew's campaign manager. I've been working with Andrew since the early days when we operated out of an apartment. We knew we had a real shot to win this election then. Today, thanks to you, we’re more confident than ever. Last week, Andrew emailed you about our new goal of raising…

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We Have a New Goal

On Tuesday night, we held our long-anticipated outdoor rally in Washington Square Park in New York.  Our team had been planning this event for weeks in advance.  We were working around the clock to make it a success.  Then, we woke up Tuesday morning to find it was going to rain. We became worried that…

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Growing in New Hampshire

Hello and hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend!  I spent it with both Evelyn and my mom.  We should all call our moms more often. On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I was back in New Hampshire for our best trip yet.  At each stop, I talked about going to high school in New Hampshire and my…

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The Campaign as Family

We were in Des Moines the other day wrapping up a town hall.  It was Zach, Carly, Luke, and I.  It was raining and chilly.  Our white Chevy Suburban was parked far across the parking lot. We looked at each other for a second.  Were we all going to go to the car in the rain?  Or was someone going…

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3 Rallies in 3 Cities

Hello and thank you for the support!  It means a ton to us. This weekend was a lot of fun.  We started in Seattle where we were greeted by a crowd of thousands. The rally in Seattle was enormous on a beautiful day.  We made the evening news, which is always great.  I enjoy the thought of people turning…

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Trust the Process

Hello and thank you for your support!  It means a ton to me and the team. I’m writing this on the plane out West—we are having a rally in Seattle on Friday, Detroit on Saturday, and Minneapolis on Sunday, and are stopping in the Bay Area for a day first to say hello to some people…

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Progress in Iowa

Hello and thank you for the support! We just got back from 4 days in Iowa.  As you know, Iowa is the first state to vote and will be crucial in 2020. I have been visiting Iowa since last summer, when I spoke at the Wing Ding.  I have returned every month since. This time was different. We…

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Nevada is Ground Zero for Automation

Hello and thank you for the support—we really appreciate it! I landed in Las Vegas on Tuesday for our first campaign trip in Nevada.  We met with local activists and hosted a town hall with 500 Nevadans: Our visit to Nevada was preceded by reality on the ground.  It turns out that Nevada is the #1 state out of…

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Rally in LA + 2020

Hello, I hope you are doing great! I am writing this from LA, where we met with local community leaders and then proceeded to have one of our biggest rallies yet.  2,000+ people came out to celebrate our message, and we made the local LA news. It was a blast.  The Humanity First Tour has been a…

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