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Fund Autism Intervention

As awareness of the symptoms of autism has improved, we’ve seen an increase in the number of children diagnosed with autism. Recent numbers from the CDC put the rate at 1 in 59 children in the US.

Outcomes for autistic children are significantly better if they’re diagnosed early and receive the care they need to develop.

Problems to be Solved

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    Autism affects 1 in 59 American children, but resources currently don’t meet the needs of these children
  • One of my boys is on the autism spectrum—I know how invaluable resources and intervention can be, particularly if adopted early on. Families struggle with this in very personal ways. As a country, we should provide ample resources to parents to be able to intervene to support the development of children with autism or who are exceptional in other ways. These children have something unique to offer.


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    Adequately fund early childhood intervention and treatment for autistic children

As President I will...

  • Direct the Department of Education to support states (with information and funding) in implementing programs to identify and treat autistic children.
  • Destigmatize autism and related neurological profiles as commonplace and distinct.

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