Automatic Voter Registration

Citizens have the right to vote. Not citizens who jump through varying hoops depending on the state in which they reside – all citizens.

When you turn the legal voting age (now 18), all American citizens should be automatically enrolled to vote. Upon interacting with a government agency (e.g., the DMV), information would be passed along to the relevant state voting board unless a person opts out of being enrolled to vote.

States that have implemented Automatic Voter Registration (“AVR”) have seen voter registration rates increase by 60+%. Additionally, having the infrastructure in place to provide AVR leads to having more accurate information on voters, thus “cleaning” the voter rolls and making voting day run more smoothly.

A move to AVR also usually coincides with a move to an electronic system, which is also cheaper and easier to update.

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Problems to be Solved

  • Voting is a right of citizenship that should be made as easy as possible.

Help make this idea a reality.

Why do we make it such a headache to register to vote?  When you turn 18 you should be automatically enrolled.  Other countries do this and, shocker, their voting rates are higher.
  • Automatically enroll all American citizens to vote when they hit the voting age

As President, I will…

  • Direct all federal agencies, upon interacting with an eligible voter, to provide electronic data to state voter boards and encourage automatic enrollment.
  • Provide funding to states to update their voter enrollment systems to electronic ones, and to integrate with federal systems, as well as each other, to ensure up-to-date voter information and easy transfer of data.
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