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Controlled Substance Waivers for Veterans

The scientific evidence that certain controlled substances - particularly marijuana - are particularly effective at treating certain ailments common to veterans (e.g., PTSD) and for pain management.

While I’m in favor of legalizing marijuana at the federal level, if that takes time, we need to provide waivers for veterans so they can receive this treatment, as well as prescribe it through the VA. This includes waivers and prescriptions for veterans residing in states that currently don’t allow for personal use or medical exceptions for marijuana use.

We should also fund research into other controlled substances that have been shown to hold promise for treating PTSD and other diseases, and provide similar waivers and prescriptions should these other substances prove efficacious.

We owe it to our veterans to do everything possible to help them manage any health issues they have.

(Read Andrew's full policy of Veteran Assistance here.)

Problems to be Solved

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    Currently controlled substances can alleviate issues many veterans face, and yet state-by-state rules prevent many from seeking this treatment
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    Federally controlled substances can't be prescribed by VA doctors
  • There are many issues unique to the veteran community that we need to address. The transition to civilian life should be smoother, and we need to put more support structures in place. Public misconceptions have lead to issues with employment. Homelessness is a perennial problem, and the VA - especially the Veterans Health Administration - can do much more to improve the well-being of those who have served. These heroes protect and serve us during their tenure, but they come home to a quick thank you and an economy that isn’t set up to help them succeed. We owe them more than a handshake.


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As President I will...

Allow the VA to prescribe controlled substances, such as marijuana, that have been shown to alleviate some veteran health issues Invest in research to see if other controlled substances can help treat our veterans Work with states that don't allow for medical exceptions for these substances to provide waivers for our veterans

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