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Make Election Day a Holiday

Everyone eligible to vote on election day should be free to do so. However, as highlighted by the disproportionate impact of voter ID laws and inconvenient polling locations, the lower the income that an individual or family has, the greater the barriers they face to voting, resulting in significantly lower turnout. Too many Americans are unable to take time off from work, as they’re living paycheck-to-paycheck or are hourly workers who can’t lose the time. 

We should make Election Day a federal holiday on the second Tuesday of every November. Doing so will dramatically increase voter turnout and the voice of the American people in government.

Establishing the second Tuesday of November every year as a federal holiday will ensure that everyone has the ability to vote in local elections, which often take place outside of the presidential election cycle. 

Let’s listen to the 71% of Democrats and 59% of Republicans who already support the idea of celebrating a federal holiday on Election day and give Americans a day off to exercise the most essential duty of democracy.

Problems to be Solved

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    Many American workers must choose between making enough money to pay their bills and voting on election day.
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    Many American workers aren’t allowed to take time off on election day.
  • Election Day is a holiday in many other countries. It should be in the US, as well. It would increase turnout and make it easier for people to vote, particularly those who otherwise might struggle to take the time away from work.


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    Increase voter turnout
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    Ensure no one is prevented from voting because of economic considerations

As President I will...

  • Make Election Day a federal holiday on the second Tuesday of every November.

Help make this idea a reality