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Entice High-Skill Individuals

America was built by those who wanted a better life and were willing to leave their home for that goal. Throughout our history, those born here have worked with those who have immigrated here to achieve some of our greatest accomplishments. America is greatest when native-born ideas are supplemented by fresh ideas from those who came here, like all of our ancestors, looking for a better life.

Since America has the greatest higher-education system in the world, many students are attracted here. Additionally, as we have some of the greatest companies headquartered here, high-skill workers are enticed by high salaries and great benefits.


As such, we should greatly expand our H-1B and F-1 visa programs to allow significantly more highly skilled individuals and top-of-their-class students to study and work here. Additionally, any highly rated worker or graduating student who receives a graduate degree here should be given a green card to remain in this country as a permanent resident.

Problems to be Solved

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    America isn’t attracting the world’s best talent anymore.
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    America is training people only to have them leave the country and compete against us.
  • My father immigrated here from Taiwan to get his PhD in physics, stayed here, and generated over 50 U.S. patents for GE and IBM, two great American companies. We need to make sure that we are winning the global competition for talent to keep our economy strong and dynamic. It’s stupid to train top people and then let them leave, often to compete against us. We are in a global war for talent - the societies that attract the best and brightest are more competitive and innovative. America has traditionally won that battle. With me as your President, we will win again. We will make it clear that if you are smart and enterprising and want to build a business, there is no better place than the United States.


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    Attract more high-skill individuals to America
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    Retain more top students who are here on visas

As President I will...

  • Enhance the H-1B visa program and give workers who receive positive reviews from employers the options to remain in the country as permanent residents.
  • Enhance the F-1 visa program and automatically grant any student who graduates with at least a graduate degree a green card.
  • Personally encourage the top students of the world to come to America, start their families here, build their companies here, and then their kid can become President.

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