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Head of Culture and Ceremony

There are many draws on the President’s time. Promoting an agenda. Meeting with legislators. Directing the executive branch. Receiving briefings and keeping America safe from enemies both foreign and domestic. Pardoning turkeys.

One of those things doesn’t seem to fit on the list.

While certain ceremonial aspects of the Presidency are important, they pale in comparison to the work done each and every day. Additionally, the number of cultural or ceremonial events in this diverse and populous country is huge, and the President can’t possibly make an appearance at every important event.

By appointing a Head of Culture and Ceremony, the President can have a surrogate dedicated specifically to attending these important cultural touchstones. This will drastically increase the number of events that the office of the President can be represented at. It will also allow someone to be selected for the talents required to maximize the value of these events. The position can rotate periodically so that different people can take it on over a given term.

Problems to be Solved

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    The President is only one person and can’t possibly attend every culturally relevant event.
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    The President is always busy, and these ceremonial events often occur at inopportune times.
  • The Presidency has evolved to be both a cultural touchstone as well as the leader of the executive branch. We should appoint others to take on the ceremonial roles that Americans enjoy. The fact is that most Americans and sports teams would rather meet Oprah, the Rock, or Tom Hanks than me anyway.  Let’s give the people what they want and free up the President to do things that improve our lives as opposed to making us feel good.


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    Appoint an outgoing individual to take the President’s place at cultural and ceremonial touchstones, when appropriate

As President I will...

  • Appoint a Head of Culture and Ceremony, who will take my place in ceremonies such as the annual Pardoning of the Turkey and meeting with sports teams.

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