Making Taxes Fun

Currently, paying taxes is a slog. Instead, let’s make it a celebration.

Revenue Day—the day taxes are due—should be a federal holiday. That day should feature celebrations.

Each American should be able to direct 1% of their taxes to a specific project. During Revenue Day, these projects will be highlighted, showing what, exactly, America’s money was able to accomplish during the previous year. Initial profiles of the next year’s projects will also be announced so people can get excited for them.

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Problems to be Solved

  • Taxes are viewed as a burden instead of a contribution to our shared society.
  • Tax day is dreaded, not celebrated.

Help make this idea a reality.

Running the country like a business means adopting basic things like appreciating your constituents.  If someone pays taxes, that’s great and we should make him or her feel like they contributed to important things that make people’s lives better.  Revenue Day should be a day of joy and celebration for our national community.
  • Make paying taxes patriotic and fun
  • Connect people to what their tax dollars are being spent on

As President, I will…

  • Create a federal holiday on the date taxes are due.
  • Provide a report to every taxpayer with a breakdown of where their tax dollars go (Social Security, military, medical research, etc.) with shared video stories of what their tax money makes possible.
  • Allow each American to direct 1% of their taxes to a specific project, department or activity of government (e.g. Veterans Affairs, National Endowment for the Arts, etc.).
  • Bring 2 taxpayers who filed their taxes early from each state to a celebration at the White House with members of Congress on Revenue Day.
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