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Military Training: The Gold Standard

If someone is qualified to do a job in the military, they should be qualified to do that job in the US.

Too many of our veterans have been trained to a high level in skills that aren’t respected when they get back home. These veterans often need to spend thousands of dollars and a significant amount of time receiving a certification to do a job that they’ve been doing throughout their service.

It’s an impediment to veteran employment, it disrespects the work done in the military, and, quite frankly, it’s wasteful.

We need to work with state licensing boards, and other organizations that are involved in certifications, to ensure that those who are trained by the military can seamlessly transition to a job in the civilian economy that they are qualified for. CDLs and EMT certifications, as well as paramedic and nurse, and other jobs that require certification, should all see a much easier transition from practicing them in the military and being employed in that job outside of service.

(Read Andrew's full policy of Veteran Assistance here.)

Problems to be Solved

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    Veterans who were trained in particular skills often need to go through costly and time-consuming re-licensing processes upon returning home
  • There are many issues unique to the veteran community that we need to address. The transition to civilian life should be smoother, and we need to put more support structures in place. Public misconceptions have lead to issues with employment. Homelessness is a perennial problem, and the VA - especially the Veterans Health Administration - can do much more to improve the well-being of those who have served. These heroes protect and serve us during their tenure, but they come home to a quick thank you and an economy that isn’t set up to help them succeed. We owe them more than a handshake.


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    Allow skills learned while in the military to meet certification/licensing requirements at home

As President I will...

Work with States and licensing boards to recognize military work as qualifying for certifications/licenses Standardize and streamline the processes by which veterans can get automatically licensed upon returning home

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