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Paid Family Leave

America’s lack of mandated paid family leave is, quite frankly, stupid. Robust family leave plans have been shown to improve children’s health and increase women’s employment rates. We’re one of only a handful of countries to lack a federally mandated family leave policy and the others are Suriname, Papua New Guinea, and a few South Pacific Island Nations.



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Problems to be Solved

  • America’s lack of a paid family leave policy results in negative impacts on health, women’s employment rate, and family cohesion.
  • A lack of a paid family leave policy forces many single parents—especially mothers—into poverty.

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It’s embarrassing and unconscionable that in the most advanced country in the world we don’t account for something as basic as needing to spend time with your child when he or she is born. This drives mothers out of the workforce prematurely and impedes healthy development of infants, which is something we all pay for. We need to catch up to the civilized world and mandate paid family leave.
  • Create a federally mandated paid family leave policy

As President, I will...

  • Propose and fight for a paid family leave policy, requiring employers to offer at least 9 months of paid family leave, distributed between parents however they see fit; or 6 months of paid leave for a single parent.
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