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Public Council of Advisors

Here in America, we have access to world-class experts, artists, and thinkers in essentially every subject and discipline. These individuals push forward human thought and public discourse, but their reach is often limited to academic articles, short clips on TV news, cultural references, and books that many may not read.

Additionally, the President has the ability to rely on these experts, leaders, and thinkers for guidance and feedback at essentially any time. Their opinions could also help shape public opinion and feedback.  


America is at its best when an informed citizenry with diverse viewpoints is engaged in a national conversation about the best direction forward, based on shared facts and mutual respect. This conversation must start from the top.

Each President should form a Public Council of Advisors, featuring experts, artists, and thinkers across a wide area of subjects and featuring views from all sides of the political spectrum. These experts would answer questions directed to them by the President, as well as questions on topics that they deem to be of public importance. All opinions would be released publicly, and any meeting between the President and the Council would be broadcast live.

Problems to be Solved

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    The vast knowledge held by experts, artists, and thinkers in America is not always widely dispersed throughout the population.
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    Individuals with outsized influence on the thinking of the President don’t always publicly share the advice they give.
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    Our public debates have devolved into online shouting matches between disparate bubbles, with little intellectual respect for people who don’t share our viewpoint.
  • Who wouldn’t want to have access to some of the leading experts, artists, and thinkers of the era in making decisions and policies?  Plus the American people would have the benefit of an apolitical group that could cross administrations. It could even help depoliticize our thinking and get us on the same page over time.


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    Build a Public Council of Advisors, featuring experts, artists, and thinkers on a variety of subjects and across the political spectrum, to advise both the public and the President on important topics

As President I will...

  • Appoint experts, artists, and thinkers on whose opinion I rely to a Public Council of Advisors, and task them with providing opinions on topics that they think are of public importance.
  • Commit to releasing any communications between me and the Advisors publicly.
  • Hold regular meetings with these Advisors, on set topics of interest, to be broadcast nationally.
  • Commit at least one meeting per quarter to a subject chosen by online petition.

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