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Rebuild American Infrastructure

America’s infrastructure is showing its age. Roads are cracking, bridges are becoming less stable, our schools are aging and our ports can’t accept the new, larger boats that are made possible by the expansion of the Panama Canal.

Not only are these degradations a danger to Americans, but they’re costing this country money and jobs.  By some estimates, our infrastructure problems could cost us as much as $1 trillion per year and 3.5 million jobs.  Every time you’re stuck in traffic is lost time.  

We need to immediately invest in infrastructure. Not only can we avoid the negative repercussions, but we can create up to 15 million jobs over a ten-year period. The Federal Reserve and IMF both estimate that every dollar spent on infrastructure earns $1.5-$3 back. And we’ll decrease deaths related to the poor condition of our roads and bridges.


We can also use this opportunity to modernize our infrastructure, including power plants, sewer, water systems, and public transportation. We can look to invest in a nationwide fiber-optic network. We can also use this rebuild to experiment with innovative new technologies, such as solar-cell roadways, used to generate free electricity for the surrounding communities.

Problems to be Solved

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    America’s infrastructure is outdated and breaking down, resulting in increased inefficiencies and even dangers that impact millions of people each day.
  • Our infrastructure is a dangerous embarrassment and a symbol of how weak our state has become. We are still living off of the investments of past generations in the 1960s. We need to own the future, which includes building a world-class infrastructure befitting the world’s most advanced society in 2020. When our infrastructure works better we’ll all work better. This will also help put millions of Americans back to work and demonstrate that America can yet build great things.


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    Rebuild America’s infrastructure
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    Create millions of jobs
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    Implement new technologies

As President I will...

  • Propose a $1 trillion infrastructure investment initiative ‘Rebuild America’ over 5 years that will support over 13 million jobs and generate $1.5 trillion-plus in increased efficiency and productivity.
  • Include a series of Challenge Grants to include advanced materials and designs in new American structures with an emphasis on sustainability.
  • Expand the fiber-optic network to include rural areas and make it so that 98% of Americans have access to high-speed Internet.

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