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Sustainable Development

China has a strong geopolitical interest in investing in development projects in third world countries all over the globe. China also does not care about whether the projects it finances are environmentally sustainable. If we do not step in and compete with China in foreign development investments, then several countries will develop economies that operate and depend on practices that emit greenhouse gases.  

It is the right thing for humanity that America invest heavily in these same development projects all over the world. Whether these investments are initiated by our government or by private corporations, the government needs to incentivize these projects to proceed in ways that are environmentally sustainable. Investments in non-environmentally sustainable projects should be more costly for everyone, and investments in environmentally sustainable projects should be greatly incentivized.

Problems to be Solved

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    China is currently investing in development projects all over the world that emit massive amounts of greenhouse gas.
  • The past four years have been the four hottest on record, and July 2019 was the hottest month ever recorded. Greenland is expected to lose 440 billion tons of ice this year, a rate that was the “worst-case scenario” for 2070. The West is on fire, and the Atlantic is seeing hurricanes of increasing frequency and intensity. We need to bring the full force of America to bear on this problem, or we will fail, and the world will suffer.


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    Establish a carrot and a stick approach

As President I will...

  • Cut off or re-examine investments in projects that aren’t environmentally sustainable.
  • Increase foreign aid to developing nations to help cover the cost of any project that is environmentally friendly.
  • Create tax incentives for individuals to invest in foreign corporations or projects that are environmentally sustainable.

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